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After hundreds of calls and email inquiries about TRIPPY PLUGZ’s line of 100% legal Psychedelics products, we felt it was time to roll out a page dedicated to businesses who want to buy wholesale Psychedelics. An interesting and challenging experience awaits you as a wholesaler or distributor of Psychedelics. If you choose to do business with TRIPPY PLUGZ , you have access to our legal resources including multi-jurisdiction licenses, test results and legal opinions drafted by different state agencies. We strongly recommend you consult with a local attorney about your state’s drug laws prior to making any purchases or marketing the product in your area. Although all the products you see are coming from a drug legal state, it does not always allow the business in the receiving state to legally resell the products. Yes, we are honest and not just here to sell you something. We invest great amounts of time and energy with each of our wholesale drug partners, so we expect you to do a little due diligence prior to making any wholesale purchases. If you’re looking for some type of legal guarantee from our company about wholesale pills or selling in your state, we don’t offer it! All law enforcement agencies have different agendas. DYOR = Do Your Own Research is the best advice we can give you!


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